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One Year Contract Required

How to Become a Member

Becoming a Nana's Town Citizen is easy! Simply click below to view our membership packages or contact our friendly staff to sign up for our exclusive membership. Choose the pass that best suits your family, and watch as they embark on a journey of wonder and discovery. Citizen Memberships require a one year contract. 

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Become a Nana's Town Citizen!

Unlimited Adventures, Limitless Fun

At Nana's Town, we invite you and your little ones to embark on a magical journey like no other. Become a Nana's Town Citizen with our exclusive membership offer and unlock a world of endless adventures and boundless fun! Our membership is designed to provide you and your family with the ultimate play experience for the best value, allowing you to create cherished memories together in our enchanting children's museum. 

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Citizen Membership Perks

  • Unlimited Playtime: Embrace the freedom of unlimited adventures during our regular open play operating hours. Come and go as you please, making every visit a delightful adventure for your child.

  • Stress-Free Scheduling: With your membership, spontaneous visits and planned outings become effortless. Enjoy the flexibility to visit whenever you and your little ones desire.  Be the first to sign up for a guaranteed spot during open play, clubs, events, and more.

  • Exclusive Discounts: As a valued member, you'll receive special discounts on parties, events, and more at Nana's Town, adding even more value to your membership.

  • Members Only Events: Be the first to know about our exciting events and promotions. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive member-only activities and groups.

  • Complimentary Buddy Passes: Share the joy with friends and family! Our membership includes 2 complimentary buddy passes a month so that you can bring along loved ones for a day of play.

  • Priority Booking: Reserve your preferred party or event dates with priority booking, ensuring your child's special day is celebrated at Nana's Town.

  • Socks and Snacks:  Every membership comes with 2 complimentary socks and snacks per month. 

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Join Nana's
Town Today!

As a Nana's Town Citizen, your child will have the chance to learn, grow, and make new friends in a safe and engaging environment. Our children's museum is an indoor play center designed to spark imagination and promote social development, providing an enriching experience for children of all ages.

Enchanting Memories Await!

Unlock the wonders of Nana's Town for your child with our membership! Dive into a world of laughter, creativity, and connection, where every visit is an extraordinary adventure. Join us today and become a Nana's Citizen – a world of endless fun and excitement awaits your little one!

Membership Rules:

  1. Membership benefits and pricing may be subject to change. 

  2. Please visit our website or contact us for the latest information and to sign up for your membership.

  3. ​Citizen Memberships require a one-year contract. 

  4. Please choose from our monthly or annual autopay options.

  5. Citizen Memberships will be on auto-pay and require a minimum commitment of 12 months.

  6. All Memberships may be canceled anytime with 60 days notice via e-mail (

  7. If canceled, 100% of the remaining balance will be due.

  8. Membership and all perks are revoked beginning the day of cancelation.

  9. There is no penalty for downgrading or upgrading your membership. 

  10. Adventurer Memberships do not require a contract.

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